Leanne's Celebrity Birthday Database

Who is Leanne and why would she make a celebrity birthday site?

Leanne was born and raised in Canada -- North Vancouver, British Columbia to be exact. Vancouver is well known for its film industry and has produced many talented celebrities over the years. Surrounded by an environment of film and entertainment rubbed off on Leanne.

Over the years of following celebrities of interest, Leanne started the hobby of tracking celebrity birthdays. This list quickly grew into the hundreds, then the thousands. Her website now contains 63,071 celebrity birthdays.

Leanne is currently living in Washington State with her husband, three sons and daughter.

What are Leanne's interests?

Well, celebrities for one. Some of Leanne's favorite celebrities include Carrie Underwood, Tim Tebow, Lucille Ball, Linda Eder and Lisa Welchel. Other than that, Leanne has been a Sweet Adeline and an a capella quartet singer for many years. She is also a rabid sports fan and enjoys playing fast pitch softball as well as soccer.

What does Leanne get out of doing this website?

Nothing. Actually, just the enjoyment of sharing her hobby and interests with others.

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