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Charles "Buddy" Rogers [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1904-08-13
Death: 1999-04-21
He was an actor who appeared in such movies as "The Parson and the Outlaw", "An Innocent Affair", "Mexican Spitfire at Sea", "Golden Hoofs", "Take a Chance", "The Lawyer's Secret", "Halfway to Heaven", "Someone to Love", "Wings" and "Fascinating Youth". As well, he produced the movies "Mary Pickford: A Life on Film", "High School Hellcats", "Hot Rod Gang", "The Parson and the Outlaw", "Stork Bites Man", "The Adventures of Don Coyote" and "Little Iodine". At one time, he was married to actress Mary Pickford. He died of natural causes.
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