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Henry Rollins [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1961-02-13
He is a singer who has been a member of the groups Black Flag ("Louie Louie", "I Can See You", "Depression", "Life of Pain", "Drinking and Driving", "Jealous Again", "Annihilate This Week", "Nervous Breakdown", "Police Story", "Wasted", "Six Pack"), State of Alert, Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel ("Highball With the Devil") and The Rollins Band ("Hot Animal Machine", "Drive By Shooting", "Disconnect", "Liar"). As an actor, he has appeared in such movies as "Wrong Turn 2", "Feast", "A House on a Hill", "The New Guy", "Time Lapse", "Morgan's Ferry", "Jack Frost", "Heat", "The Chase" and "The Right Side of My Brain". As well, he has appeared on the television show "The Henry Rollins Show" (host - also wrote), among various guest appearances.
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