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Margaretta Scott [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1912-02-13
Death: 2005-04-15
She was an actress who appeared in such movies as "The Moth", "The Woman He Loved", "The Dick Francis Thriller: The Racing Game", "Elizabeth R", "An Honourable Murder", "The Scamp", "Landfall", "Mrs. Fitzherbert", "Shall We Join the Ladies?", "Action for Slander" and "Dirty Work". As well, she made guest appearances on such television shows as "All Creatures Great and Small", "Tales of the Unexpected", "Upstairs, Downstairs", "Maigret", "A Tale of Two Cities" and "The Count of Monte Cristo". Her son is director Hugh Wooldridge, daughter is actress Susan Wooldridge and husband was composer John Wooldridge.
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