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Regis Toomey [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1902-08-13
Death: 1991-10-12
He was an actor who appeared in such movies as "Evil Town", "C.H.O.M.P.S.", "God Bless Dr. Shagetz", "Cover Me Babe", "The Night of the Grizzly", "Man's Favorite Sport?", "The Errand Boy", "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "Guns of the Timberland", "The Ten Commandments" (1959), "Sing Boy Sing", "Curfew Breakers", "Great Day in the Morning", "Guys and Dolls", "The Human Jungle", "The Nebraskan", "My Pal Gus", "Show Boat", "Spooky Wooky", "Mighty Joe Young", "The Bishop's Wife", "The Big Sleep", "Betrayal From the East", "Song of the Open Road", "Tennessee Johnson", "Meet John Doe", "North West Mounted Police", "Union Pacific", "Pirates of the Skies", "Back in Circulation", "Reckless Roads", "Murder on the Blackboard", "The Penal Code", "The Midnight Patrol", "Murder By the Clock", "Finn and Hattie", "Crazy That Way" and "Alibi". As well, he appeared on such television shows as "Petticoat Junction" (Dr. Barton Stuart [#2]), "Burke's Law" (Detective Les Hart), "Shannon" (Bill Cochran), "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (Lt.Dennis 'Mac' McGough), "The Best in Mystery" (Lieutenant Waldo) and "The Mickey Rooney Show" (Joe Mulligan), among numerous guest appearances. He died of natural causes.
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