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Dave Willock [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1909-08-13
Death: 1990-11-12
He was an actor who appeared in such movies as "The Stan Freberg Commercials", "Hustle", "Now You See Him, Now You Don't", "The Barefoot Executive", "The Legend of Lylah Clare", "Frankie and Johnny", "Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte", "Send Me No Flowers", "The Nutty Professor" (1963), "Ten Seconds to Hell", "Queen of Outer Space", "The Buster Keaton Story", "Roar of the Crowd", "Battle Zone", "Rodeo", "Louisa", "The Fabulous Dorseys", "Pride of the Marines", "Wing and a Prayer", "Let's Face It", "Over My Dead Body", "Men of the Sky", "This Time for Keeps", "Niagara Falls", "She Knew All the Answers", "Honeymoon Deferred", "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "Three Texas Steers". As well, he appeared on such television shows as "The Lorenzo and Henrietta Music Show", "The Queen and I" (Ozzie), "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show", "Off We Go" (Carl Ryan), "Margie" (Harvey Clayton) and "Boots and Saddles" (Lt. Binning), among numerous guest appearances. He died of a stroke.
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