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Jack Watling [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1923-01-13
Death: 2001-05-22
He was an actor who appeared in such movies as "Downtime", "11 Harrowhouse", "The Adventures of Barry McKenzie", "The Nanny", "Who Was Maddox?", "Flat Two", "Nothing Barred", "Nearly a Nasty Accident", "The Solitary Child", "Gideon of Scotland Yard", "Paradise Lagoon", "A Time to Kill", "Trouble in the Glen", "Private Information", "The Winslow Boy", "We Dive at Dawn" and "Queen of Destiny". As well, he appeared on such television shows as "Andy Robson" (Matthew Dennison), "Doctor's Daughters" (Dr. Roland Carmichael), "The Cedar Tree" (Arthur Bourne), "The Pathfinders" (Doc Saxon), "The Power Game" (Don Henderson), "Doctor Who" (Professor Travers), "The Plane Makers" (Don Henderson), "The World of Tim Frazer" (Major Lockwood) and "Crime on Our Hands" (Ken Martin), among numerous guest appearances. He was the husband of actress Patricia Hicks and father of actor Giles Watling and actresses Dilys and Deborah Watling. He died of cancer.
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