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Christien Anholt [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1971-08-13
He is an actor who has appeared in such movies as "Ghosted", "Flyboys", "The Waiting Time", "Nightworld: 30 Years to Life", "Hard Times", "Class of '61", "The Power of One", "Hamlet" (1990) and "Reunion". As well, he has appeared on such television shows as "Relic Hunter" (Nigel Bailey), among various guest appearances. Also, he has appeared in such stage productions as "Another Time". His father was actor Tony Anhalt.....Here is a bio submitted by Lynda White (who helps Christien with his Facebook page) - Christien began his acting career in 1988 at the age of 17 after winning the coveted role of ‘Hans’ in the motion picture Reunion, directed by Jerry Schatzberg and starring Jason Robards. For his debut performance Anholt received a Best Actor nomination at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, and went on to win Best Actor at the E’Febo Doro awards in Sicily in 1990. Harold Pinter, who wrote the screenplay for Reunion, recommended Anholt to playwright Ronald Harwood, who cast him as Leonard/Jeremy Lands in his new play Another Time starring Albert Finney. The play, its cast, including Anholt enjoyed rave reviews and a sell-out run at London’s Wyndham Theatre. Harwood then recommended him to Director Franco Zeffirelli, who cast Anholt as Marcellus alongside Mel Gibson in the motion picture Hamlet. Anholt went on to star opposite Judy Davis, Sam Neill and Kate Beckinsale in Hallmark’s production of One Against The Wind. He then acted alongside Steven Dorff in The Power Of One, directed by John G. Avilsden. Steven Spielberg hand-picked Anholt to play Clive Owen’s brother, Terry O’Neil, a series lead, in the critically acclaimed Class Of 61; a TV movie/back door pilot. He received electrifying reviews for his portrayal of Gary Warrell in the BBC Screen2’s production of Money For Nothing. A string of television appearances and feature films followed including, Seventeen opposite Rachel Wiesz, Mama’s Back playing Joan Collins’ son and BBC’s Hard Times; opposite Alan Bates, Bob Peck and Richard E. Grant. He went on to star in The Harpist in which his performance earned him another Best Actor nomination, this time at the Geneva Film Festival in 1997. Preaching To The Perverted, The Ruby Ring (another Hallmark production) and George Milton’s Appetite followed. Anholt then returned to London’s West End in Terrance Rattigan’s In Praise Of Love and was once again cast by Harold Pinter and director David Jones opposite Harold Pinter in Pinter’s thriller, The Hothouse, to rave reviews. In 1999 Anholt was cast as Nigel Bailey, a series lead opposite Tia Carrere, in Relic Hunter; which ran for 3 seasons. He then went on to guest star in two episodes of Adventure Inc, alongside Michael Biehn. He then had a cameo in The Conclave, played Higgins, one of the fly boys, alongside James Franco, in the motion picture Flyboys, which was produced by Dean Devlin and directed by Tony Bill. Following that he starred opposite Thora Birch in Dark Corners, directed by Ray Gower and Ben 10 Race Against Time, playing the evil Eon. The movie, Ben 10 Race Against Time, had the highest viewing audience ever on The Cartoon Network. More recently Anholt appeared in BBC’s Doctors and the movie shorts Severed Garden and Ghosted. His more recent stage works include Simon Stephen’s Bluebird, Permanence, The Two Faces of Agent Lacey and another Simon Stephen’s play; Wastwater for which Anholt made his directorial debut at the Tabard Theatre and received excellent reviews. In his latest play, The Trial of Jane Fonda, he starred opposite Oscar Nominee, Jane Archer and received more first-rate reviews.
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