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Larry Elgart [pictures] [edit]
Born: 1922-03-20
He was an alto saxophone player and band leader who, along with his brother Less, formed their own orchestra ("Hooked on Swing", "Sophisticated Swing", "Let My People Swing", "Greatest Dance Band in the Land", "Latin Obsession"). Their unique style was built around Larry's graceful sound and stylistic phrasing, known as the 'Elgart touch' (shapes the contours of an arrangement to fit his alto saxophone, making it his own distinctive interpretation). The orchestra included piano-less rhythm section, non-muted rich brass, emphasized by the bass trombone and the use of a percussionist augmenting the drums. As well, he worked with such artists as Tommy Dorsey, Woody Hermané Bobby Bryne, Jack Benny, Joe Marsala, Charlie Spicak and Red Norvo.
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